KromaTiD offers a full range of dGH and Pinpoint FISH assay services, ranging from detecting specific DNA rearrangements in your samples to partnering with you to screen the entire genome for clinically important mutations. In addition to our catalog of standard assays, we specialize in quickly and efficiently designing custom assays to your specifications. You provide the samples—culture, tissue or blood—we design, build, validate and perform the assays, providing you with comprehensive reporting. KromaTiD’s full chromosome chromatid paints can be used to screen the full genome, whole chromosomes, or even single arms or regions of chromosomes for clinically important DNA rearrangements. We will identify inversions, translocations, and other mutations in your area of interest, and provide analysis and reporting of the results. Benefits include:

  • High resolution screening of individual genes to the entire genome
  • Sequence, location and orientation from a single assay
  • Cost effective discovery of inversions and translocations
  • Rapid assay development and data delivery