KromaTiD Presenting at the 2018 American Cytogenomics Conference

KromaTiD Inc. announced today that it will be participating in the 2018 American Cytogenomics Conference (ACC) from June 10-13 in Snowbird, Utah. The ACC is a biennial gathering intended to connect cytogenetic industry researchers and professionals with the latest technologies, discoveries, and ideas throughout the field.

KromaTiD scientific co-founder Professor Susan Bailey, of Colorado State University, will be presenting a talk entitled “Assessing Telomere Length and Chromosome Aberrations in Twin and Unrelated Astronauts”, highlighting her recent work with NASA involving the use of dGH™ to profile the DNA damage of astronauts exposed to deep space radiation. Furthermore, the Company will be exhibiting and presenting three posters based on separate and unique applications of KromaTiD’s proprietary Directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH™) and Pinpoint FISH technology.

KromaTiD Chief Commercial Officer David Sebesta said, “We are really looking forward to attending the American Cytogenomics Conference and sharing all of the broad-scoped progress we’ve made with the dGH platform. From Professor Bailey’s contribution to the much publicized NASA Twins Study, to our cutting edge results highlighting the key role cytogenetics has to play in the gene editing space, we are viewing the conference as a great opportunity to reach a very focused and influential cross section of the cytogenetics community and get some folks as excited as we are about our technology.”

KromaTiD, Inc. seeks to transform the fields of gene editing, undiagnosed disease and oncology through discovery and detection of complex genetic changes. Based in Fort Collins Colorado, KromaTiD markets a full suite of dGH and Pinpoint FISH products and services, including custom solutions, tailored to meet individual researchers needs.