KromaTiD Target Validation assays are custom-designed to authenticate rearrangements putatively identified by sequencing and other whole genome platforms. Leveraging KromaTiD Directional Genomic Hybridization™ (dGH™) technology, Target Validation assay development begins with specific locus information provided by the customer. Using this data, KromaTiD technical experts design probes to flank a possible breakpoint. Customers have the option of running assays with these probes in their own lab, or providing samples to KromaTiD for expert assay and delivery of fluorescence microscopy probe images. The Target Validation test can rapidly discriminate between translocations and inversions in one multiplexed assay. Benefits include:

  • Validation of Suspected Structural Rearrangements: Proprietary KromaTiD Target Validation assay probes hybridize to just one chromatid, making it easy to visualize and validate structural rearrangements – including translocations and inversions – in a target gene or bracketing a breakpoint.
  • Easy to Score: In one simple step, the assay can follow sequence-specific, fluorophore-denoted probes from their original location to a new chromosome (translocation) or to the opposite chromatid (inversion).
  • Rapid Development and Delivery: Custom Target Validation assays are available in 50-assay kits. Unlike other chromosome imaging technology made-to-order assays that take months to develop, KromaTiD can generate a tailor-made Target Validation assay in weeks.