KromaTiD’s dGH™ platform is the first and only technology to robustly and reliably discover and detect small cryptic inversions. Our assays improve on a commonly used chromosome imaging technology – Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) – as follows:

  • KromaTiD’s assays can detect the complete range of DNA rearrangements with higher resolution and lower background
  • KromaTiD’s dGH platform is library based, allowing us to quickly and efficiently design assays for nearly any target gene or mutation in the genome
  • KromaTiD’s technology detects changes in individual cells making our products particularly well suited to disease research in cases where inversions do not occur in all cells (heterogeneous populations), such as malignant tumors
  • KromaTiD’s proprietary probes may be used to improve the resolution, reduce the background and lower the detectable target size of standard FISH assays in a technique we call Pinpoint FISH
  • For operating FISH laboratories, adopting KromaTiD’s dGH technology does not require additional capital investment or specialized expertise
  • KromaTiD’s dGH technology is a needed addition to the disease researchers toolbox, because only by combining dGH with state of the art sequencing can all possible root causes of a genetic disease be discovered, detected and ultimately diagnosed.