KromaTiD’s Dr. Susan Bailey Featured in NASA Effort to Study Long-Term Effects of Radiation Exposure

Dr. Susan Bailey, Colorado State University professor in Radiobiology/Radiation Cancer Biology and co-founder of KromaTiD, is one of 10 scientists chosen by NASA to analyze blood from NASA’s year in space study involving astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly.

Dr. Bailey and her team are studying how extended periods in space impact aging and chromosome damage.  The Bailey lab will be looking for chromosomal aberrations in the astronauts using KromaTiD’s dGH™ technology to compare chromosomes from Scott Kelly to his earthbound twin, Mark.  dGH technology was developed in part with funding from NASA and was recently featured in this NASA Tech Brief article.

Using KromaTiD’s dGH technology, Dr. Bailey expects to develop valuable insights into the effects of long-term exposure to higher of radiation levels.   Understanding such effects will not only be vitally important in planning for long-term space flight missions but will lead to better understanding of the underlying causes of aging and cancer here on Earth.

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