KromaTiD Launches Genome Screening and Discovery Services

FORT COLLINS, CO (October 18th, 2014) – KromaTiD, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its directional Genomic HybridizationTM (dGHTM) screening services at the American Society of Human Genomics in San Diego October 18-22.

KromaTiD’s screening services provide researchers with an unprecedented tool for discovering disease-causing DNA rearrangements through a unique visualization of genes, individual chromosomes or even the entire genome.

Based on a proprietary chromatid-specific imaging platform, dGH assays are the only imaging assays capable of determining DNA sequence, location and orientation data in a single test. With these three dimensions of high-resolution data, dGH assays are unique in their ability to detect the widest range of disease-causing genetic rearrangements, including chromosomal inversions and chromosomal translocations—mutations usually missed by other genomic tools, including today’s advanced sequencing technologies.

According to Dr. Richard Duke, CID4’s board representative, “We are extremely excited about our investment and involvement. KromaTid’s technology represents a major breakthrough in giving biomedical researchers an important tool to identify genetic mutations that cannot be easily identified by existing technology.” Duke further said, “The KromaTiD technology will allow researchers to identify new targets for designing unique drug interventions for multiple human diseases and cancers.”

The KromaTiD dGH product line includes a genome-wide set of tools for discovering disease-causing mutations, specific high-resolution tests for detecting diseases such as thyroid cancer, and an affordable assay development service.

“Linking a genetic disease with its true genetic roots can be a very difficult and expensive problem, particularly if you don’t have the tools to detect all types of genetic mutations. With the launch of the dGH mutation screening services, KromaTiD is making the discovery of DNA rearrangements routine and reliable,” says Dr. Chris Tompkins, KromaTiD’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

KromaTiD’s service business launch is supported by a grant from the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.

To learn more about KromaTiD’s genome screening services, visit or contact Dr. Chris Tompkins at (303) 819-5246

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