Pinpoint FISH and Inversion Detection: KromaTiD offers reagents and kits for both inversion detection and Pinpoint FISH applications. Stock chromatid paints, chromosome paints and gene specific assays for inversion screening and discovery, biodosimetry analysis, and known inversion detection (including research-use-only tests for inversion-caused diseases like leukemia and thyroid cancer) are available in 10 and 50 assay kits. New paints and assays are frequently added to the catalog.

When compared to typical FISH methods, Pinpoint FISH from KromaTiD is:

Better Performance

    • 3X the relative signal; 3X the resolution
    • 6X the signal-to-noise ratio; 50% lower background

Easier to Use

    • Free of repetitive sequences by design — no blocking required
    • Robust performance and consistent hybridization quality

More Flexible

    • Pinpoint Probes can be designed for a wider range of targets and target sizes
    • By design, Pinpoint FISH assays can easily detect mutations with variable breakpoints

KromaTiD has designed the Pinpoint FISH platform to minimize adoption costs and training. For labs that currently run FISH, Pinpoint FISH assays will work with your established samples, workflow and imaging systems without any capital expenditures. For labs that don’t run FISH, but are interested in the high-resolution target data that only Pinpoint FISH can provide, KromaTiD’s service division can perform projects ranging from single sample analysis to full library screening.

KromaTiD offers genome wide, custom Pinpoint FISH assays designed to meet your research goals. Using our proprietary design package, KromaTiD provides assays optimized for detecting:

    • Gene rearrangements with high resolution break apart assays
    • Gene fusions with multi-color come together assays
    • CNVs, duplications or deletions
    • Nearly any target in the genome, either singly or in multiplex