We Offer dGH Products and Services for Undiagnosed and Genetic Diseases Screening!

Through our work with the Undiagnosed Diseases Consortium (https://www.undiagnosedfilm.com/undx-collaborators) and others within industry and academia, we have demonstrated the value of dGH as a discovery tool for screening genomes for structural variation.  For UnDx, using De Novo dGH, we were able to discover a cryptic inversion- that was not detected by NGS -in an undiagnosed patient and a family member.

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Whole Genome Screening Coming Soon!

Beginning in mid-2018, we are conducting a research study using Whole Genome dGH to screen undiagnosed patients.

Also, if you are a stakeholder from the undiagnosed diseases community-a genetic counselor, a patient or family, a clinical or research geneticist, a clinical lab technician, etc… -we are conducting a market research project at present and are very interested in your perspective. It’s a brief interview process-NOT a sales pitch-and you’d be helping us position our services in the best interest of patients and families looking for answers. Thank you for your consideration and reach out to us at info@kromatid.com to schedule an appointment.

If you are interested in learning more about our approach to the discovery of genomic structural variations, please contact us at WholeGenomeScreening@kromatid.com. Check back soon for more information.