Research Innovation Center at Colorado State University

Our Mission

KromaTiD’s mission is to transform the fields of gene editing, undiagnosed disease and oncology through discovery and detection of complex genetic changes.

KromaTiD’s patented dGH™ chromosome imaging platform enables detection of all types of chromosomal rearrangements including previously undetectable cryptic inversions.  Launched in 2013, KromaTiD’s research products and services are paving the way to a deeper understanding of genetic diseases, including cancers and developmental disorders.

Our Vision

We leverage science, teamwork, and an innovative mind-set to advance primary genomics research. Continual improvement in our technology and processes drives us, and contributing to the future of personalized medicine inspires us.

Our Values

Science based decision making- We make decisions based on data and analysis, weighing the merits of all sides, and respecting the science.

Respect- We show respect for our teammates, clients, and vendors, by listening to their points of view, acknowledging their experience, disagreeing with kindness and integrity, asking tough questions, and holding each other to the high standards we expect from ourselves.

Better every day- Each of us has an opportunity to make our work, our product, and our company better each day. Continual improvement is foundational to our success.

Innovation- Challenging existing methods and models leads to new solutions. We ask questions, test new ideas, and implement novel technology.

Clear and open communication- Science thrives on information. We share information as widely as possible, discuss it respectfully, and request more when needed.

Teamwork- The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we value the contributions of all team members.

Advancement of human health- Contributing to the global knowledge base in human health is foundational to KromaTiD